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Conceived by industry mavens Project Status is a versatile Project Management Tool that will allow you to keep yourself updated with new developments that are taking place on different projects initiated by your organisation at one click. The tool has been developed not only for business entrepreneurs but also for their clients making it easier for them to know about the progress of work related with their project. At Project Status we have successfully initiated more than 6000 projects by making use of this tool and wish that you should also enjoy the same success as we have had!!!


Your Branding

We offer the facility to customise your project software with your organisation logo and colours. You can post personalised announcements to your client via your admin pages to appear on the dashboard.


The completion of one phase determines the beginning of next phase. To let your clients know about different achievements during the project you can set targets to be accomplished and track the progress.

Bug Tracker

Easily track bugs and understand the circumstances that are responsible for useless delays during the project. Bug Tracker allows you to prioritise and assign bugs to users in order to fix issues as they arise.

Task Management

Manage multiple projects, tasks and assets in one place. Prioritise workload and allocate tasks to your team members with the ability to communicate key information keeping everyone informed of current progress.

What do we provide?

Flexible iPad/iPhone App

In today’s era when the iphone and ipad have emerged as a key life line to many project managers and most of the business is carried through these devices. Therefore we have developed the Project Status software to be compatible on both these devices.

Powerful Admin Panel

The advanced admin tools give you full control with minimal effort. The project management software has been developed by people who regularly manage projects and know what tools they need to ensure a successful outcome from each and every project.

Best Inbuilt features

The Project Status software developed by us and enriched with dynamic features that are helpful in tracking the updates concerned with each project at one click. The notable features offered in the software include task list, milestone, timesheet, bug tracker, messages, document uploader and many more.



iPad / Mobile App

Stay connected while on the move with Project Status iPad and Mobile Apps. Users can call or email directly from the app interface. The app allows you to be fully connected “on the go” and enables you to be as agile as possible, making proactive decisions no matter where you are.

Project Activity

Tasks can be added by clients, project managers and developers. Tasks can be grouped and reordered as priority dictates.



Keep up-to-date with all the latest activities. Multiple projects are accessed from a single screen, each with a different set of stakeholders, who may be in different locations around the world.

Quick Notification

Project Status updates can be sent direct to your email account, providing you with constant updates on the progress of your projects.


Users can read messages related to particular projects and also respond them. The ability to add comments to these ensures that the focus is not lost and valuable points can be collaborated quickly.

Pricing Table

Special Offers


Your Branding

$50 / £30 Per month

Get the system on your domain, your brand and colour theme

Mobile App

$50 / £30 Per month

Get iPhone / iPad app for your system


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